Agreed Divorce

Experienced Agreed Divorce Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

Filing for an agreed divorce in Texas is a simple process. The only requirements are:

  • six months of residency in the state
  • a demonstration of irreconcilable differences with no chance of  future reconciliation

Even though both spouses agree on the solution of divorce, sometimes there are issues around:

  • division of property
  • child custody
  • alimony

 An experience divorce attorney is needed for an agreed divorce to resolve those issues.

Through negotiation in an agreed divorce, these issues are resolved without going to court. This negotiation usually requires both spouses to resolve all issues without hostility and create an acceptable good faith arrangement.

Once the divorce is filed, they must wait 60 days for the divorce to be approved by the court.

The court will usually finalize the agreed divorce quickly as long as the agreement appears fair to each party.

It is important that the negotiation of the terms of the divorce is overseen by a divorce attorney who can protect your property and custodial rights.

Bobby Bourlon has background in the community property and custody laws in Texas, which will assist you in your negotiation for an agreed divorce.

As an experienced Corpus Christi divorce attorney, he will look at the proposed terms and suggest changes or amendments. The agreed divorce will be final, so you should make sure that all of the terms are satisfactory and protect your interests.

If you are concerned about cost, there is flat fee pricing on agreed divorces, and payment plans are available. Please call today for a free consultation at 361-289-6040.

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