Should My Criminal Defense Attorney Know the Truth?

Posted on : March 17, 2021
If you’ve hired a Texas criminal defense attorney after being arrested for a crime, or if you were assigned a public defender, you may be wondering if they need to know exactly what happened.  Honestly, it depends on the attorney. You should prepare for:  Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Not Wanting Specific Details  Although you have […]

What Happens If I Move Out of My House During My Divorce?

Posted on : February 8, 2021
Often, people believe the best solution to keeping the peace during the process of a divorce is for one spouse to leave the family home. This may reduce some conflict, but it also puts the spouse who left the house at a serious disadvantage.  If you leave your marital home before the divorce is over, […]

How Do I Tell If My Settlement Offer Is Good?

Posted on : January 14, 2021
Receiving a settlement offer after an accident caused by someone else can result in mixed emotions. How do you know whether or not you should accept it yet? Is it enough? Here are some ways to tell your settlement might be enough and what to do to get the legal help you need after being […]

Should Children Know More About Divorce?

Posted on : August 28, 2020
Including Children In Your Decision-Making Children now want to be included in decisions about what happens in a divorce, according to a new study.  Many parents try not to share too many details about the breakdown of marriage because they want to shield and protect their children.   It can be hard to figure out […]

What You Need to Know About an Uncontested Divorce

Posted on : April 16, 2020
Deciding to end your marriage is a difficult decision indeed. However, if you and your ex-spouse are able to agree on the various aspects of your separation, such as child custody and property division, the entire process is bound to go much more smoothly. Here’s what you need to know about an uncontested divorce. What […]