How to Lower Your Child Support Payments

Posted on : February 20, 2020

Lowering Your Child Support In a divorce that involves minor children, Texas courts will typically order the non-custodial parent to make a calculated child support payment to the primary custodial parent of the children in order to help pay for their food, clothing, housing and other basic necessities. The amount of the payments are determined […]

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Do I Need An Alimony Attorney?

Posted on : January 5, 2020

There are two sides to every alimony case. The side of the higher earning spouse who potentially could be mandated by the court to make alimony payments, and the side of the lesser earning spouse who potentially could receive said alimony payments. Regardless of what side of the alimony case you are on, it is […]

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Are You Making Your Divorce More Expensive?

Posted on : December 22, 2019

It’s no secret that divorce can be a costly endeavor. But why is it so expensive, and what are you doing to ratchet up the costs? Here are several red flags that you could be increasing the cost of your own divorce.  You’re Arguing About Every Detail  Very few divorce agreements are exactly equal. You’ll […]

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How Are Interstate Child Custody Issues Handled in Texas?

Posted on : November 30, 2019

Child custody matters are complex enough, but when you add another set of state laws to the mix, things can get really dicey. Here’s what you need to know about how Texas handles interstate child custody cases and how to get legal help protecting the rights of your family. Determining the Child’s Home State Two […]

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What Are the Most Common Complications of a Burn Injury?

Posted on : October 14, 2019

A burn is one of the most critical and dangerous types of injuries that a person can suffer. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it protects every other system of the body. If a large portion of skin is damaged, it can fail to adequately protect the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Here […]

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