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Enforcement of child support payments is taken seriously in Texas.

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The tendency of supporting parents to miss payments or stop payment altogether has led to the creation of an enforcement tool with the Attorney General’s office.

Lawyer for help with child support paymentsDelinquent child support payments can be withheld from the delinquent party’s income if the payments are not made willingly.

The provision for withholding is often part of the original order for child support. It may not be used until there is a late payment, and it acts as insurance against delinquency.

Any delinquent payments under a child support order are automatically become a judgment with the court that accrues interest, which is an enforceable part of the payment.

To fulfill the payment, there are a number of ways to enforce the judgment including:

  • Liens on real estate
  • Attachment of bank accounts and brokerage accounts
  • Liens on vehicles and access to retirement accounts and insurance proceeds
  • Personal property such as furniture, livestock and personal possessions
  • Wages from an employer
  • Workers’ compensation benefits that replace income

In addition to these financial enforcement powers, delinquent payments of child support can be charged as contempt of court.

A criminal contempt charge carries a jail sentence, but that punishment will often be suspended since it defeats the purpose of ensuring payments from work income.

If you are behind in child support payments and facing enforcement actions from the Attorney General’s office, you need the counsel of a family law attorney to guide you. As long as you have any assets or income, you can’t avoid these payments and could even face jail time.

Bobby Bourlon is a veteran family law attorney who can help you catch up with past due payments by arranging a plan that works. You can avoid liens and attachments of property, and the embarrassment of wage garnishment from your employer.

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