Contested Divorce With Mediation

Mediation Attorney for Contested Divorce in Corpus Christi, Texas

There are two types of divorces:

  • agreed divorce
  • contested divorce

An agreed divorce is settled quickly between the spouses, but a contested divorce may result in a court trial to settle disagreements.

In some cases, a contested divorce can still be resolved without the time and expense of a trial. When the spouses still have differences, but are willing to negotiate, they may participate in a contested divorce with mediation.

As with a trial, the issues that normally are in dispute are:

  • child custody
  • division of property

In a trial the judge and jury will assign value, community property status and division of assets. When in mediation, the spouses can make these decisions for themselves as long as they reach agreement.

A third-party mediator, often an attorney, can guide the discussion and assist in providing valuation and fair division of assets.

The advantage of mediation is that it offers the chance for a compromise that satisfies each spouse, rather than risk the unknown outcome of a trial.

Nonetheless, even with mediation, an attorney should represent your interests and make sure that any agreement is fair and equitable.

The rules surrounding separate and community property are complex, and the decisions about child custody and support may have impact for many years.

For these reasons, you will require an accomplished divorce attorney like Bobby Bourlon to guide you in the mediation process and help you reach an outcome that avoids trial and protects your marital interests.

Attorney Bourlon in Corpus Christi offers flat-fee pricing on divorces. Payment plans are available if needed.

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