Contested Divorce With Trial

Attorney for Contested Divorce with Trial in Corpus Christi, Texas

A contested divorce where the parties cannot agree on the terms may need to proceed to trial.

While a trial is a more costly option, sometimes the degree of animosity or contention makes a negotiated agreement impossible.

In this case, each party will have to retain an attorney to represent them at trial and seek the best outcome possible.

In Texas, the divorce trial can be heard by a jury if requested by either spouse. This may be an advantage if a divorce has especially compelling factual or emotional components involved that may sway a jury to one side. There are several areas that a jury may rule upon including:

  • child custody
  • value of assets and assignment of community property designation
  • location and distance of where parents may live with a child

The judge will still determine:

  • child support amounts
  • visitation rights
  • division of property and assets

The division of assets is one of the most contested areas in any divorce. Since Texas is a community property state, it is important to determine which assets qualify for that designation.

Community property is defined as any property or asset that was earned or acquired during marriage, except for inheritances. There is no set formula for division of community property, and the judge will attempt to find a division that is fair for both parties considering:

  • their income
  • previous separate assets

Because of the discretion granted to both judge and jury in a divorce trial, representation by an expert trial attorney is essential.

Bobby Bourlon has the experience in both divorce law and jury trials to make certain that your position in the divorce is effectively advocated to the jury. Do not allow your future and finances to be compromised.

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