CPS Cases

Child Protective Services (CPS) Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

Child Protective Services (CPS) cases can be disruptive and traumatic for everyone in the family.

It may involve the removal of a child from the home, for reasons that CPS believes are in the best interest of the child.

This removal often follows a CPS investigation, where they obtain evidence of danger, child abuse or other factors affecting the child’s well-being.

An attorney familiar with CPS cases is necessary from the outset of a CPS investigation. The allegations or facts may not be true as stated and should be examined for any other motivation than the child’s best interest.

Your attorney can communicate on your behalf to resist any attempt to remove your child from the home.

Negative conclusions from a CPS investigation can affect your employment prospects of working with children and could bias future investigations. This can occur even without an actual removal or court hearing. The primary reasons for a CPS case are:

  • Neglect in supervision of the child
  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical and emotional abuse
  • Unsafe conditions at home

In the event the child is removed from the home, there will be a court hearing to determine if the allegations are true and the removal warranted. This is where family law attorney Bobby Bourlon can be extremely helpful; he will make the case for contesting removal and bringing your child home.

With many years as an attorney in the child custody area, Attorney Bourlon can help you negotiate the complex rules and procedures in a CPS case and advise you on possible outcomes. He will be your advocate for the right to have custody of your child.

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