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Corpus Christi criminal defense lawyerEvery person accused of a crime has the right to due process under the Constitution.

Every person is entitled to a vigorous defense of their rights and claim of innocence.

Without this protection, state and federal prosecutors would have free reign to accuse and convict defendants without regard to their capacity or ability to defend themselves.

Every suspect has the right to legal representation which must be expressly waived or the prosecution will fail for lacking due process.

The criminal defense attorney is the champion for the rights of any defendant that they represent and has the duty to zealously defend their client’s position and version of events that comprise the alleged crime.

The defense attorney will:

  • conduct an independent investigation
  • gather evidence of innocence
  • respond to all claims from the prosecution

In the event of trial, the criminal lawyer has the role of advocating for their client’s interest in front of the judge or jury. The defense attorney will present facts and evidence to refute the prosecution’s assertions of guilt and assert their client’s innocense.

In the event of a close factual case, the criminal defense attorney may negotiate a plea deal or reduced sentence for their client, rather than risk an adverse verdict. 

This is a common result for some charges, when neither the prosecution nor the defense is certain of the outcome, and there is some evidence of a crime.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, then you must have a criminal defense attorney like Bobby Bourlon at your side. He will fight for your rights that are guaranteed by the Constitution and use his years of experience to achieve the best possible outcome.

All initial consultations are free, and there are payment plans available for those in need. Do not enter the criminal justice system without an ally to defend you.

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