Tenant Eviction Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

Eviction of a tenant can be a lengthy and complicated process for a landlord.

The law in Texas is geared to protect tenant rights from unlawful eviction from a property, and removal of a tenant requires specific legal steps.

The first step is giving the tenant a Notice to Vacate, which means they need to pay rent or vacate the premises. This can be given to the tenant at the property itself or through the mail.

If the tenant does not comply, then the landlord can file an eviction suit, and has to obtain a Citation of Eviction from the Justice of the Peace, which can then be delivered.

At this point the landlord has legal remedies to pursue the eviction, and is not even obligated to accept late rent payment from the tenant. The landlord has the option of filing a six-day immediate possession bond, which the tenant must respond to or face a court trial.

Failure to appear at trial results in a default judgment, and the tenant can be removed under the supervision of the sheriff.

After any kind of adverse judgment, the tenant has five days to move out of the premises, as ordered by the court. There are various appeals available that can delay removal by up to a month, but the tenant must be active in the court process to gain that grace period.

Because lawful eviction does require a court order, it is helpful to have an attorney advising a landlord on the exact steps required to fulfill the requirements. In the event of a court trial or appeal,  your attorney can represent you and advocate for removal of the tenant.

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