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Mediation is a non-adversarial method of reaching an agreement or settlement between two parties.

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It is especially suited to cases where there may be clear factual claims, and all that needs to be resolved are the details or payments within an agreement. If there is a dispute around the facts, that may require a more rigorous process, such as a court trial.

attorney for mediation in Corpus Christi, TexasThe mediator is a third-party who hears both sides and proposes a solution that will work for each party.

Mediators do not have the authority to make a binding ruling and are only in a position of facilitating agreement.

Despite this, it is still essential to have legal representation present in mediation. The agreement reached will be binding if both parties sign it, and an attorney should review the documents to make sure that no essential rights are being given up.

Mediation lends itself to a few different types of cases where a court trial can be expensive for both parties, and is not necessary to establish the facts.

Family law is suited to mediation when two spouses have agreed to divorce and only need to arrive at a means of dividing property and determining child support or alimony. 

In some cases, these topics can be contentious, but a skilled mediator can assist in providing an objective view and acceptable solution.

Auto accidents can also be ripe for mediation when the accident may have been partially caused by both parties. Usually an insurance company is involved, who may be trying to limit their costs and does not want the process of a trial. If a settlement can be reached through mediation, then both parties can save time and money.

Bobby Bourlon has the experience with mediations to know how to enter the process while still protecting your rights. As your attorney, he will not allow you to make an agreement that compromises your interests, and perhaps limits your access to the courts in the future.

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