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Real estate attorney in Corpus ChristiMany people enter into real estate transactions without the advice or counsel of an attorney. They may rely exclusively on their real estate agent, who brings them preprinted forms and contracts that may not serve their interests.

Realtors may even advise against the use of an attorney, fearing that a trained lawyer will spot terms in the contract that may not serve the client.

In a case of a dispute or conflict in the sale, an attorney may need to be retained.  Litigation may be necessary to reach a resolution.

If you signed the contract, then it is binding and all you can do is hope that having a lawyer will help you resolve the issue. If possible it is best to retain a lawyer from the start to protect you from these problems.

In addition to simple purchase and sale transactions, there are a variety of real estate matters that can be handled by an attorney.

Issues that can be minimized with legal assistance include:

  • possession
  • ownership
  • liability
  • landlord problems

Too often there is a do-it-yourself mentality in real estate, where people are looking to save money and time. Obviously, the prevention of problems is less expensive than facing a civil lawsuit.

If you are considering a real estate transaction or are already involved in a real estate dispute, Bobby Bourlon can give you the assistance that you need.

His years of experience in real estate will give you the counsel needed to avoid problems, and if you find yourself requiring a legal remedy, he can be your advocate and litigator.

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