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Texas State info on spousal maintenance

In any divorce case, there may be delays while agreements are being negotiated, or during preparation for any trial phases. This kind of delay can be a hardship on a spouse who may have been financially dependent and now must be self-supporting.

Prior to the final divorce decree, a court may grant temporary spousal support so that the dependent spouse can maintain himself or herself. It is like temporary alimony pending the outcome of the case.

The factors considered in determining the amount of support include:

  • The living expenses and needs of the dependent spouse
  • The financial ability of the supporting spouse
  • How the spouses lived prior to separation
  • How long the marriage lasted
  • The ability of the dependent spouse to be self-supporting

The payments will be made for typical living costs, and will depend on lifestyle and actual needs.

Once the final divorce decree is entered, there will be a new spousal support or alimony that is a part of that final judgment.

If you are part of a divorce and need spousal support, don’t let the amount be left up to chance. Having an attorney who is experienced in spousal maintenance in Texas assist you with the application for support will ensure that you receive an adequate amount to live comfortably pending the outcome of the case.

Bobby Bourlon is a divorce attorney who knows the method of obtaining maximum spousal support during the divorce proceedings, which can take months to finalize.

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