What Should I Do During a Holiday Divorce?

Posted on : November 20, 2020
Corpus Christi Divorce

Being faced with a divorce during the holiday season can make the end of your marriage exponentially more difficult. Here’s what you can do to help your family get through the dissolution of your marriage, especially during the holidays, and how to get the support you need. 

Stay Flexible 

The holidays are hectic, so it’s important to stay flexible if you can. If you have children, you and your ex should have roughly equal time with them. However, this may make traveling on holidays a necessity. If possible, be willing to make concessions when needed that allow your children to spend the most time they can with each parent. 

Be Positive 

It’s hard to stay positive when you’re going through a divorce. This is particularly true if you and your ex don’t agree on the divorce terms. However, you should try not to be rude to your ex or talk about them negatively in front of others, especially your children.

Put In Effort 

This year, go the extra mile for the holidays if you’re able to. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending a ton of money. Your family, especially your children if you have them, want your time, attention, and effort the most. Show them you care about them even if it’s difficult to do during your divorce. 

Reduce Contact When Necessary  

If you can’t be cordial with your ex, you may need to reduce contact with them. It may be something you decide to do only for the holidays, or you might want to make it the new normal. Limiting communication often helps reduce unnecessary stress and arguments.

Don’t Argue Around the Kids 

Arguing with your ex in front of your children can make the end of your marriage much harder on them than it needs to be. Consider using alternative forms of communication like email, text, or a co-parenting app that allows you to talk to your ex without the risk of yelling or fighting. 

Call an Experienced Texas Divorce Attorney 

Your best defense in a divorce is to get help from a seasoned family law attorney who can help you understand the divorce process, how to exercise your rights, and how to protect the best interests of your family. 

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