Car Accidents & Brain Injuries: What Types Are Most Common?

Posted on : July 3, 2019

There are many different types of injuries that can be caused by a motor vehicle accident. Some of the most common — and life-threatening — are traumatic brain injuries. Here’s what you need to know about car accidents and brain injuries and where to get help if you or a loved one were hurt in a car crash.


Closed Head Wounds


A closed head wound is one of the most frequently seen types of brain injury in car accidents. This injury to the brain occurs without damage or injury to the outside of the head.


Mild Closed Head Wounds


Although all head injuries are clinically significant, some are less severe than others. A concussion is considered a mild closed head wound and occurs when the brain collides with the inside of the skull during the impact of the car accident. Concussions need to be monitored carefully but often heal on their own with the exception of rare cases.


Critical Closed Head Wounds

Another common but more serious closed head wound is a diffuse axonal brain injury. According to BrainandSpinalCord.org, this type of brain injury is also often caused by the sudden acceleration or deceleration of a car accident. Instead of the brain “bruising” like with a concussion, the brain tissue “shears” or “tears,” causing a much more critical injury. Diffuse axonal brain injuries are among the top types of TBI to cause death.



Open Head Wounds


An open head injury is one that can be seen — usually with lacerations or bruising. They can be superficial and only involve the skin or scalp, or they can accompany a more serious brain injury like a diffuse axonal brain injury or a concussion. Typically open head wounds require medical treatment, either to have lacerations repaired or to stop bleeding in the brain if the injury is very severe.


Penetrating Head Injuries


Penetrating head injuries are among the most severe types of TBIs that can be sustained in a car accident. If, during the collsion, a piece of debris or an object makes contact with the head at a high speed, it can penetrate the skull and possibly the brain. A penetrating brain injury is always a medical emergency and treated with surgery to remove the object penetrating the head if still present and to repair any brain tissue that has been damaged during the injury.

Should You Contact a Car Accident Lawyer?


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