What Are the Most Common Complications of a Burn Injury?

Posted on : October 14, 2019

A burn is one of the most critical and dangerous types of injuries that a person can suffer. The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it protects every other system of the body. If a large portion of skin is damaged, it can fail to adequately protect the heart, lungs, and circulatory system. Here are some common — but serious — complications of burn injuries.


A life threatening result of widespread burns across the body is sepsis, or an infection of the blood. Burned skin cannot keep harmful bacteria from the environment outside of the body, causing the body to become overrun faster than the immune system can fight them off. Sepsis can be difficult to treat and is often fatal.

Low Body Temperature

Skin also regulates body temperature, helping to keep critical organs like the heart and lungs warm. When a significant portion of it is damaged, it can no longer hold heat. Patients who have been burned across a large area of their bodies struggle to maintain a normal body temperature and often suffer from hypothermia, or a low body temperature.

The most effective way to increase body temperature is by heating the surface of the skin — however, for a person who has been burned, even slight warmth can be utterly excruciating.

Low Blood Volume

Burns often damage the delicate blood vessels of the body, especially when they are widespread or full thickness. This can cause blood and fluid loss, leading to a condition called hypovolemia, or low blood volume. When the body doesn’t have enough blood, organs don’t get enough oxygen. This can often lead to organ failure, especially if left untreated. Low blood volume can be treated with IV fluids and in some cases, blood transfusions.

Joint Dysfunction

Joint disorders can also be caused by burns. Damaged skin stretches tight when healing, and scar tissue can cause the abnormal stretching or twisting of limbs. Over time, this can cause joints and surrounding bones to become painful and difficult to move. In some cases, this can be permanent.

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