5 reasons couples get their marriage annulled

Posted on : December 22, 2014

5 reasons couples might be interested in getting their marriage annulled

Getting married is often a very happy time for couples. However, some couples realize that marriage is not the best option for them at this time, and taking steps to negate the union need to take place. There are many different reasons why a couple would want to split shortly after marrying, and in some cases, it is more than one reason. If the marriage meets certain criteria, the couple may be eligible for an annulment, meaning that legally speaking, it will be as though the couple never married at all. There are also cases where a marriage can be annulled, even after several years. Here are 5 reasons couples might be interested in getting their marriage annulled, and how to move forward with an annulment.

1. One Spouse Lied About Their Age

If one spouse lied about their age and is proven to be under the legal age to consent to the marriage after the union has already taken place, the marriage may be eligible for an annulment.

2. One or Both Spouses Were Intoxicated During the Marriage

This is perhaps the most widely publicized reasons for an annulment. If one or both spouses were intoxicated when signing the marriage license or during the ceremony, they may feel that their union was a mistake later on. An annulment can be granted on the grounds that one or both spouses were not of sound mind when committing to the marriage, as long as they do not cohabitate or continue the marriage after becoming sober.

3. One Spouse Was Already Married

In cases where one spouse was already legally married, the second marriage can be annulled. This can be done immediately after the second marriage, or later on in the marriage if it the first wedding isn’t discovered for many years.

4. One Spouse Was Coerced Into the Marriage

If one spouse coerced or threatened the other into consenting to the marriage, the marriage can usually be annulled. However, proving coercion can often be challenging.

5. One Spouse Is Permanently Impotent

If one spouse is permanently impotent and the marriage cannot be consummated, this may be grounds for an annulment. The spouse petitioning the court for an annulment must have been unaware of this issue before the marriage.

In some cases, an annulment is easy to achieve. However, in other cases, getting a marriage annulled can be significantly more difficult. If you are considering getting an annulment, it is important that you speak with a seasoned Texas annulment attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

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