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Corpus Christi Annulment Attorney

An annulment essentially declares the marriage invalid, and once granted, will have the effect of voiding the marriage as though it never existed.

An annulment can be granted when:

  • One of the spouses is underage
  • There was fraud or misrepresentation prior to the marriage
  • One or both spouses were intoxicated at the ceremony
  • One spouse is permanently impotent
  • Marriage was entered under threat or coercion
  • One spouse was still in another legal marriage
  • Incest occurs, where the spouses are closer than first cousins

However, there are exceptions to many of these cases. Often, one will not be granted an annulment if there was some kind of ongoing consent after the fact.

For example, intoxication cannot be used as grounds if the spouses lived together after becoming sober.

Even if an annulment is granted, the court can decide on issues such as division of property and child custody, just as in typical divorce proceedings.

The six-month residency rule will apply to an annulment, as with other divorce filings in Texas.

A rule that is unique in Texas is that one of the spouses can request a jury trial if there is a dispute on the grounds to grant annulment, a situation that will require an attorney for both parties in the case.

For this reason, if you are a party to an annulment, you should seek legal representation right away to begin establishing your case to void the marriage.

Bobby Bourlon has the background in all types of divorce, separation and annulment cases to be able to advise you at each step of the process. He can assist you in the filing, investigation and trial stages of an annulment to help you get the outcome you need. The initial consultation is free, and payment plans are available. Please call for an appointment today at 361-289-6040.

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