Should My Criminal Defense Attorney Know the Truth?

Posted on : March 17, 2021

If you’ve hired a Texas criminal defense attorney after being arrested for a crime, or if you were assigned a public defender, you may be wondering if they need to know exactly what happened. 

Honestly, it depends on the attorney. You should prepare for: 

Your Criminal Defense Lawyer Not Wanting Specific Details 

Although you have a special attorney-client relationship with your lawyer that allows you to speak to them in complete confidence, they may want to keep the information they have access to at a minimum. Some criminal defense attorneys prefer to know only the most relevant details. 

Your Lawyer Requesting All Information 

Don’t be surprised if your attorney asks for as many details as possible though. Some lawyers want to make sure they’re prepared for any possible surprises the prosecution may try to bring, and they don’t want to be blindsided and put on the spot by information or evidence they didn’t know existed. 

If your attorney asks, you can tell them as much about the alleged crime as you want to, even if the details don’t help your case. It’s your lawyer’s job to sort out what can be used as evidence to protect you and how to use the law to prevent things that could damage your case from coming to light. 

You Should Know Your Attorney’s Legal Restrictions & Obligations 

Your defense attorney may not allow you to lie under oath, or commit perjury in a court of law. However, if they don’t know whether or not your version of events is true, this no longer applies. 

Your lawyer also may not bring forward information or evidence that they know is false, but the same is true again; if your attorney isn’t aware of what is or isn’t true by your own account, they cannot be held to these standards. 

If your attorney does know you’re guilty, they could still recommend that you wait for the case to go to trial instead of taking a plea deal if you stand a good chance of obtaining a favorable verdict. 

Do You Need to Call a Lawyer After Being Charged With a Crime? 

Don’t hesitate to get help protecting your rights after being arrested and charged with a criminal offense in Texas. You need reliable legal support from an experienced defense attorney. Contact the Bourlon Law Firm for more information about protecting your rights or to book your consultation at (361) 289-6040.