Tips For Texas Contested Divorces

Posted on : June 5, 2020

The process of dissolving a marriage can be challenging and is not without obstacles.

However, the situation can take a tumultuous turn if you and your spouse don’t agree on aspects of the divorce, such as how to divide property or who gets legal and physical custody of the children. Here are 5 tips to help you deal with a contested divorce in the best way possible, with the help of your Texas contested divorce lawyer.

1. Get a Handle On Your Assets

Surprisingly, many people don’t know what they own or don’t own when they go into a divorce. While knowing what your assets are is fairly straightforward if you handle the finances for the family, it can be more difficult if you’re the spouse who simply turns over your paycheck every two weeks to your spouse, or if you’re a homemaker. If you are considering divorce or believe your spouse to be exploring the option of divorce, get as many copies of financial records as you can. Know where your money is going, where it is deposited, and what titles are in your name.

2. Get Your Credit Report

In Texas, debt is also considered marital property and is divided equitably between spouses. However, it’s easy for this aspect of divorce to become contested, as no one really volunteers to take on additional debt. It’s a smart move to be aware of what you owe and what you don’t owe, and what debts are in your name only as well as those that are in the name of both you and your spouse. Having a copy of your credit report handy is an easy way to prove what debts are yours.

3. Keep Records of Everything

If you know your divorce is going to be contested, this is the time that you want to invest in a journal (or several) and begin keeping records of everything that transpires between you and your soon-to-be-ex spouse. This is especially true when it comes to custody issues. You’ll want to have records of when your spouse picks up your children, when your spouse drops them off, what your spouse pays for, what your children say happen while they’re with your spouse, and any other pertinent information. Write everything down, especially threats to take property away from you, threats to accuse you of domestic violence and any other negative communication between you and your ex.

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