Attorney General Cases

Corpus Christi, Texas Child Support Attorney for Attorney General Cases

The office of the Attorney General of Texas has a process to handle child support cases for the benefit of all involved.

Through the website of the Attorney General, one can find information regarding child support cases including:

  • Application for services
  • Checking on the status of a case
  • Checking on the status of a child support payment
  • Changing address
  • Making payments
  • Requesting payments
  • Locating a parent
  • Receiving help with visitation and access

While these online benefits are convenient, the real mission of the Attorney General is to pursue cases of child support that may not be working as agreed. In that instance, Attorney General cases can include:

  • Locating an absent parent
  • Establishing paternity
  • Enforcing child support orders
  • Enforcing medical support orders
  • Adjustment and distribution of child support payments

The Child Support Division is the clearinghouse for all matters related to ensuring that the policy of financial responsibility for child support is achieved in Texas.

While the Division has enforcement power, most of these tasks are performed in a way that minimizes conflict and reaches a fair conclusion.

At times, there may be Attorney General cases that are contentious and require an objective party to communicate on behalf of one or both parents.

Use of a family law attorney may assist you with resolving any difficulties and get your case back on track with the original order.

Bobby Bourlon has handled many family law and child support cases with the Attorney General’s office, and he can help facilitate any problems or changes in circumstance that may affect the child.

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