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Corpus Christi probate attorneyProbate refers to the area of law that deals with the disposition of property and assets upon death. It may also control how minor children are cared and provided for in the event of their parents’ death.

Probate law is used when planning one’s estate, and also applies at the time when the final disposition is made.

It is best handled by an attorney with the ability to evaluate one’s goals in estate planning, and an understanding of how state laws may affect probate.


Creation of a will is central to a successful probate process. Without a written will, the disposition of assets will be controlled by state law rather than the wishes of the deceased.

Making a will is a simple process in Texas and can make a difference to the success of the entire probate process.

Contested Wills:

Sometimes an heir will be unhappy with how property is divided and can decide to contest a will based on the mental state of the deceased or the influence of others named in the will.

This can be a contentious process and requires an attorney experienced in will contests and defenses.


No aspect of probate is more important than the care and support of children who have lost their parents. By naming the person to act as guardian, the deceased can select the best one to handle this commitment.

If there is no guardian named in the will, the court will decide who will become the guardian of the children.

Your Probate Attorney:

Although the drafting of a will appears simple, there are specific legal requirements that must be met for both validity and clarity.

A probate attorney, such as Bobby Bourlon, can help you draft your will in a way that ensures your wishes are carried out and that others cannot contest the contents or disposition of assets.

We have a flat fee for drafting a will and can arrange a payment plan if needed.

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