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Construction Contracts Mediation Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas 

Most construction contracts contain a clause that requires alternative dispute resolution in the event of a conflict.

Even if it is not contractually required, many courts will advise the parties to seek another kind of resolution before entering the court system.

Mediation is the preferred method, as it is binding and inexpensive for the parties in the dispute. There is no winner or loser, and the parties simply reach an agreement to their conflict that is acceptable to both.

Although mediation is voluntary, if an agreement is reached then it will be binding on both parties. The advantage is that the agreement comes from the parties, and not from an arbitrator or judge.

Therefore, the parties maintain more control over the process assuming that they are willing to compromise.

Too often, contract disputes are highly contentious and the parties have some history that makes agreement difficult. This is where a skilled mediator can be helpful: to diffuse the dispute and provide an objective third-party point of view.

Even if the entire dispute can’t be resolved this way, it is possible to narrow the items of conflict in mediation. That way, if the case proceeds to trial, there are fewer items that need to be resolved, saving time and money.

Mediation can play a key role in a construction contract dispute, where factual complexities often create lengthy and expensive trials.

If you are being asked to participate in mediation, you still need the services of an attorney who can be at your side to help you negotiate the settlement. Bobby Bourlon has handled many construction contract cases and knows how to facilitate an outcome that will protect your interests while avoiding the expense of litigation.

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