Mediation – Automobile Accidents

Corpus Christi Mediation Attorney for Auto Accident Cases 

Most Texas courts will require the parties in an auto accident case to engage in some form of mediation prior to proceeding with a trial.

The reason for this is that court trials are costly and the system is already overloaded, so if a resolution can be reached in mediation, everyone is better off. Many auto accident cases involve the same kind of factual situations, and in many cases the damages are minor.

An experienced mediator can assist the parties in finding a middle ground and agree to a settlement.

In an auto accident, one party is usually accusing the other of negligent or reckless driving that causes the accident. However, auto accidents can have multiple causes, and in some cases there may be shared responsibility.

Mediation can be helpful to outline the facts in a way that gives a realistic picture of the accident so that each party sees the benefit of reaching a settlement.

There is no legal conclusion of fault reached in mediation, but rather an agreement to resolve the matter outside the court system.

Although mediation is non-adversarial, the parties will still need to have their attorneys present to represent their interests. If an agreement is reached, it will be binding, so it is essential that an attorney be involved to ensure that their client’s interests are protected.

The mediator will communicate with the attorneys and attempt to work out a settlement that is satisfactory, and avoid the length and expense of a court trial.

If you have been involved in an auto accident and are being asked to attend mediation, you will need an attorney with experience in auto accidents to protect your rights.

Bobby Bourlon has a background in personal injury and mediation and can be your advocate and counselor in seeking a resolution to the claims.

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