Driving on a Suspended License

Corpus Christi Attorney Handles Driving on a Suspended License Charge

Driving While License Suspended, or DWLS, is a misdemeanor in Texas that can affect future driving privileges. The original suspension of a license is normally for one year and can occur for the following reasons:

  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence), which can bring a 2-year suspension
  • Drug convictions
  • Too many traffic violations
  • Past due child support payments
  • Unpaid traffic tickets

Although it may seem like a fairly modest offense, DWLS carries a fine of $100 to $500 dollars and a minimum of 72 hours in jail.

The jail time could be extended up to six months for repeat offenders.

If you have a suspended license, you can obtain a restrictive license or one that allows you to continue working. However, you must apply for this and receive it prior to driving or risk being charged with DWLS.

All of these factors make the charge one that can affect your life dramatically, and you should seek the counsel of an attorney to discuss your options.

Bobby Bourlon is a criminal defense attorney with a thorough knowledge of the driving laws in Texas, and he knows how to maintain driving privileges for those under suspension.

Before you risk driving again, or face a DWLS charge alone, you should hear about how he can help you. There are payment plans available, and the first consultation is free. Please call for an appointment today at 361-289-6040.

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