Injury to a Child in Corpus Christi

Child Injury Charges Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

Injury to a child is a crime that can be charged against anyone who causes either physical or mental harm to a child, including the parents of a child.

The acts that cause the harm may be either intentional or reckless, and in some cases failure to act can be sufficient to bring the charge.

Because of the strong public policy against child abuse, there is frequent misreporting of this crime, and law enforcement will always default to the assumption that abusive acts occurred. The best defense to this charge is when:

  • The accused is the parent of the child, or acting as parent at the time
  • The force used was reasonable for the child’s safety or welfare
  • The accused is a teacher and the use of force was necessary to maintain discipline

The investigation will look into whether the force was reasonable.

Texas tends to defer to the authority of parents to discipline their children as long as they meet this standard. However, repeated offenses or accusations may establish a pattern of abuse that could be the basis for a conviction.

When there is serious bodily injury or repeat offenses, injury to a child can bring a felony level conviction with mandatory jail time. This is not an area of law that one should try to handle alone, and an experienced attorney is required to ensure that you were not wrongly accused.

The prosecution will use any evidence possible to establish the fact of abuse, and you must make the case for your actions.

Bobby Bourlon is a criminal defense attorney who is a veteran of the law in Texas, and he can help you fight for your right to tell your side of the story and justify your actions.

Despite the public opinion about child abuse, your rights deserve to be protected equally, and he will ensure that you have a fair hearing.

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