Possession of Illicit Drugs

Drug Crimes Defense Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

Possession of illicit drugs is a serious crime in Texas, and will invoke penalties under either state or federal laws if there is a conviction.

For some possession charges there may be felony level sentences applied, if there was intent beyond simple personal use.

There is a difference between the severity of charges depending upon a few facts in the case, and the most important are:

  • The reason for possession, such as the intention to sell or distribute the drugs
  • The amount of drugs possessed by the accused or under their control
  • If the possession was near a school or other educational facility
  • The kind of illicit drugs that were being held by the accused

Texas is near the Mexican border, and there is a great deal of drug trafficking that takes place. Anyone found with a substantial amount of illicit drugs will be suspected of planning to transport the drugs across state lines, or sell them locally.

For this reason, anyone charged with the crime of possession should not take the charge lightly and must be represented by a criminal defense attorney.

Possession of illicit drugs may be prosecuted against anyone who illegally obtains certain classifications of drugs, even in small amounts. Drugs that carry harsh penalties for possession, even without the intent to distribute, include:

  • heroin
  • cocaine
  • mescaline
  • codeine
  • steroids
  • many prescription drugs

If you have been charged with possession, there are defenses available depending on the circumstances. Common defenses are:

  • lack of control of the drugs
  • having a valid prescription
  • incapacitation
  • coercion

All of these will require an experienced attorney to mount your defense, and Bobby Bourlon will fight to protect your liberty and future.

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