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The use of a will, or last will and testament, is recommended for anyone with property or assets who wants to choose how they are distributed at death.

The will controls the distribution of assets to the people or organizations of your choosing, and its contents do not have to be revealed until after you are gone.

It is a good idea to have a will in Texas, because if you die without one, your property will be distributed according to a system outlined in the state statutes. While the statutes do focus on the closest family members first, many individuals like to allocate their estate by percentage or specific assets to select relatives.

There are other things you can accomplish with a will including:

  • Naming an executor to make sure your will is followed
  • Assigning a guardian to care for minor children
  • Leaving assets to charity
  • Specifically eliminate natural heirs from any inheritance

This last item could lead to a will contest, if others who are in the same relationship to the deceased received their rightful share. For this reason, if you are considering an unconventional distribution of assets, it’s important to have your will drafted by an attorney with expertise in estate planning.

Your attorney can ensure that your intention is outlined clearly, signed and witnessed correctly, and able to resist any attempt to have it contested.

The common ways to attack a will are:

  • through a lack of intent (the heir was left out by mistake)
  • incapacity
  • a technical problem with the will itself

Your attorney will make certain these attempts will fail and can document every step of the drafting and signing process. He can also be helpful in:

  • outlining potential tax issues
  • use of charitable donations
  • possible solutions to guardianship

Bobby Bourlon has the background in estate planning to draft your will to comply with all legal requirements and make sure that your intentions are carried out. He will give you the peace of mind that you need to make your plans for final distribution of assets and property.

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