Corpus Christi Informal Family Law Mediation Before Lawsuit

Informal Family Law Mediation Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

In an agreed divorce, the two spouses have decided to separate and all that remains are the specifics of the divorce itself.

There is an advantage to both spouses if they can avoid a lawsuit and costly court trial, and mediation may be the solution.

This kind of mediation is informal, and the agreement will only be binding if both parties are satisfied. The mediation is conducted by an objective third-party, often a lawyer with experience in family law.

The mediation will address the central issues of divorce, including:

  • division of community property
  • child support
  • child custody
  • alimony

The mediator will be familiar with the Texas guidelines in these areas and can assist in structuring the divorce in a way that will work for both spouses.

There are certain limits and amounts in both child support and alimony payments, and even in mediation those rules will be considered to ensure fairness.

While the process of mediation avoids a lawsuit and court trial, the court with jurisdiction must still approve the final divorce decree. The judge will review the decree to make sure that the contents are equitable and do not favor one party over the other. For this reason, one with detailed knowledge of family law in Texas should conduct the mediation.

If you are part of a divorce and think you can reach an agreement with your spouse, you should consider mediation prior to filing a lawsuit.

Bobby Bourlon has extensive experience in divorces, family law and mediation, and he can help you decide the best course of action in your divorce.

Reaching an agreement through mediation may be more cost effective than adversarial proceedings, and it can be easier personally and emotionally. He offers flat-fee arrangements on divorces and is available to help you with your mediation.

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