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Texas State info on alimony

Corpus Christi alimony lawyerAlimony, also known as spousal maintenance, is often part of a divorce agreement or decree that provides payment for support to one spouse.

Not every divorce includes alimony payments, and the final amount of alimony will depend on a number of factors analyzed by the court.

Alimony will be given to a spouse if he/she cannot provide for minimal needs and living expenses, and if he/she is unable to work and earn an income.

This can occur when one spouse refrains from educational and career opportunities to be a homemaker or raise children while the other spouse works.

There are a few key factors that play into the award of alimony including:

  • The resources of the spouse seeking support
  • Educational and employment background
  • Vocational and employment skills
  • Age, physical and mental health
  • How long the marriage lasted

Even if the criteria for alimony are met, there are limits on alimony duration and amount in Texas.

The divorce decree will grant alimony for a maximum of three years, unless there is some disability involved. The amount is capped at $2,500 per month, or 20% of the other spouse’s income, so as not to create an undue hardship on the paying spouse.

In an agreed divorce, the spouses can arrive at any figure they decide for alimony as long as it is suitable for both parties. This may also include agreements surrounding community property and child support.

For this reason, having an attorney represent you in a divorce is essential to work out the best arrangement possible.

Bobby Bourlon is a seasoned divorce attorney who knows how to represent either side in a negotiation or petition for alimony payments. There are lasting effects of a divorce agreement, and you deserve to give yourself the best legal ally available to consider every detail.

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