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The crime of theft may be one of the most widely reported, and it can be charged as part of robbery, burglary, shoplifting and embezzlement crimes. In all of these cases, the definition of theft is met by:

  • Taking the property of another without consent
  • Assisting someone in a theft
  • Receiving the stolen property
  • Being part of a group and playing a role in the theft

Theft Crimes In Texas

This wide application of the theft laws make it easy to charge anyone even loosely associated with a theft crime. At times, just having knowledge of the theft could be sufficient for a charge.

No matter what the circumstances, a theft conviction will carry a penalty that is based on the value of the stolen goods. In Texas, those penalties start with a simple fine of $500 for misdemeanor theft, all the way up to a sentence maximum of 99 years in prison for thefts over $200,000. There are other factors besides value than can affect sentencing such as:

  • The type property, such as medications or firearms
  • Previous criminal history
  • Aggregating multiple thefts together to determine value for sentencing
  • Use of deadly force, as in a robbery

If you have been charged with any type of theft, you need to mount a legal defense early on to establish any possible facts that may lead to charges being reduced or dropped.

Just because you are in possession of another’s property does not mean a theft occurred, as there may be issues of consent or true ownership.

Bobby Bourlon has the criminal defense background to evaluate the facts of the theft charge and determine if the elements of the crime have been met. As your attorney, he will present defenses on your behalf and fight what is sure to be aggressive prosecution by the state.

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