Oil and Gas Trucking Accidents

Oil and Gas Trucking Accident Attorney in Corpus Christi, Texas

One of the side effects of the growth of the oil and gas industry in Texas is the increased number of accidents involving the trucks that transport the materials.

This has been the result of many factors including:

  • increased truck traffic
  • poor maintenance
  • driver fatigue
  • failure to comply with industry regulations

Unfortunately, the victims of these accidents are often other drivers using the same roads frequented by the trucks. Because of the increased demand for oil and gas truck drivers, they may be inexperienced or undertrained to cope with the challenge of maneuvering a large truck on narrow roads.

The companies that employ these drivers have a duty to provide a level of training that allows the drivers to operate the truck safely.

Failure to do so may be grounds for a personal injury suit for negligence that can include:

  • The driver: if they were careless or reckless
  • The employer and their insurer: for failing to provide adequate training
  • The truck manufacturer: if the truck was in some way defective and part of the cause
  • The truck owner: for inadequate maintenance and safety inspections

The oil and gas industry has full-time insurance investigation teams that will respond quickly to any accident involving a truck. They understand that a liability claim may result from almost any accident and will work to minimize the evidence of negligence and reckless driving.

If you have been injured in an oil and gas trucking accident, you will need an attorney immediately to ensure that your rights are protected and evidence of wrongdoing preserved.

Bobby Bourlon is a personal injury attorney in Texas who sees the effect of truck accidents every day in the oil and gas industry. There is a strong interest in this industry to limit payment of claims and escape responsibility, but he will advocate aggressively to obtain a settlement or judgment in your favor.

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