Revocation of Community Supervision

Attorney for Community Supervision in Corpus Christi, Texas 

Community supervision, also known as probation, is when one is convicted of a crime but the court forgoes a jail sentence and places the defendant under a court-supervised order to stay in the community.

As long as the defendant abides by the rules of the supervision, they can finish out their term, all the way up to 10 years in some cases.

There may be conditions for community supervision such as:

  • obtaining employment
  • drug testing
  • community service

The most important condition is to not commit another crime, which could violate the terms of the community supervision.

If a defendant violates any of the terms, the judge may impose a revocation of community supervision that typically will mean that the defendant will go to jail and serve the original sentence.

Another type of community supervision in Texas is deferred adjudication. In this case, there was never a conviction filed, and the prosecution agrees to defer the case to see if the defendant will reform.

If the defendant fails to abide by the rules of the supervision, then the case would go back to the court for a judgment and finding of guilt, along with the corresponding jail sentence. This type of supervision is usually reserved for first time offenders to give them a chance to escape a conviction on their record.

If you are facing revocation of either type of community supervision, you will need a criminal defense lawyer to ensure that the subsequent process is handled correctly. Although you were found culpable in some way, you still have rights to be protected against unfair or aggressive prosecution and sentencing.

Bobby Bourlon will be your experienced ally and attorney in any hearing or court actions that may follow the revocation, and may even be able to advocate to have the supervision extended.

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