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General litigation is when two parties have a dispute that cannot be worked out informally, and one of them brings a lawsuit to force a solution.

The filing of a lawsuit engages the court system, and begins a process of fact finding, investigation and making one’s case.

Whether as a plaintiff or defendant, there is no way to avoid the requirements of civil litigation once begun, and each party is required to participate or face default or dismissal. In most cases, each party will hire an attorney to represent them and advocate for their point of view before the court.

Lawyer for litigation of a lawsuit in TexasThere are several areas of law where litigation is frequently used, due to the dispute over the facts and circumstances involved.

For example:

  • contract disputes where one party fails to fulfill the agreement as written
  • real estate transactions where a seller or buyer does not live up to the contract of sale

In each of these cases, the parties will either make a claim or refute it, and that will form the core of the litigation process.

This system is used so that material changes in circumstances, instances of fraud or simple inability to make payment require some type of remedy.

The fact that the plaintiff has filed suit only means that they could not gain satisfaction through other channels, but it does not mean they are the party in the right.

The defendant has the opportunity to tell their side of the story and justify their actions. This is where the use of accomplished attorneys becomes important, in stating the factual basis for the disagreement and advocating for their client’s version.

Bobby Bourlon has the experience you need, and he knows how the system can work to your advantage. If you are involved in a dispute, or have been subject to a lawsuit, he can help you make your case and reach a just conclusion.

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